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Commercial grade garden supports for the serious gardener.
Strong tomato cages made from 3/8 inch welded steel rods.
Creative design and custom manufacturing services.

Plantapillar™ Quality

  Plantapillar products are made in the USA

Sick of wire cages, rusted, broken and tangled. Another trip to garden center to pay for more of the same. Another year of tomatoes falling over in a wind storm. Have you been searching for commercial grade garden supports?         Well here they are.

 Plantapillar garden support welded

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Manufactured from steel rod of 3/8" diameter! Anchored by 6 support rods per cage. Our supports are welded with a MIG wire welder for optimum durability. The strength and design of the Plantapillar™ support is far superior to the spot welded 1/8" wire supports! This support won't bend and fall over in the middle of your growing season!

 Plantapillar closeup1  Plantapillar closeup 2

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When customers see our cages in person many comment that they are stronger than they look on our website. It's difficult to depict the cage strength. Click on the above photo for a close up look at the size of our support rods. That rod is solid steel.

tomato cages anchored our cages to the ground

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Six 18 inch long stabilizing rods made of steel rod of 3/8" diameter anchor our cages to the ground.

 Closeup of anchor rod

Plantapillar™ spikes are strong and sharpened for easy insertion in your garden.

 Plantapillar product colors
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Finished with a state of the art powder coating painting procedure that will insure your Plantapillar™ product has the best protective finish possible to weather many growing seasons to come. Chose from Green, Yellow, Orange and Red.

 Plantapillar color sample  Plantapillar colors with new orange.

Tired of the rusted gray wire supports? Add a splash of color to your garden. Why should your supports detract from your garden's beauty when instead they can complement your plants? A fresh green tomato vine looks great against our bright yellow supports. Our green blends quietly into you garden. Feeling bold? Red and Orange bring exciting color to your garden.
These bright, high quality paints put the finishing touch on Plantapillar's signature quality.

 Yellow cage

Strong 3/8" diameter steel rod, 6 support rods, MIG wire welding for optimum durability and finished with a state of the art powder coating paint means your Plantapillar product will be around for years. Imagine a tomato cage that you could hand down to the next generation.

 Plantapillar top of our 5 Ring Tomato Cage
 Plantapillar side view of a Tomato Cage
 Plantapillar:  Green and strong.
 Plantapillar sharpened steel anchoring rods.

On the left: The top of our 5 Ring Tomato Cage Model 6051425
Center left: The side view of a Tomato Cage 5 Ring Model 6051425
Center right: Close-up view of a cage weld with protective green paint.
Far Right: Bottom of a cage. Six 3/8" diameter sharpened steel anchoring rods.
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 Plantapillar tall tomato cages

Imagine growing tomatoes this tall! The strength and design of the Plantapillar™ support make it possible. Yes, inside that healthy tomato plant is a strong Plantapillar tomato cage. His hand is resting on the top of a Plantapillar Tomato Cage with an Extender.

 Plantapillar improved tomato cages

Garden tested and improved: Here's a picture of an earlier model Plantapillar™ Tomato Cage (center) next to a standard store-bought wire model (upper left) .

This is a trial design Plantapillar model. We now build our cages with 6 support rods for additional strength and add a protective powder coat paint. Also our current models are redesigned to have the rings on the outside for manufacturing efficiency .

 Plantapillar sizes from 2 ring to 7

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Here are our vegetable and tomato supports. Shown above are sizes 2 Ring to 7 Ring in yellow.

Plantapillar supports: Designed by Gardeners, Built by Engineers.

These are some of the sturdiest and best tomato cages. In the past we've tried chicken wire cages and they work but they don't look very nice.

These are not like those wimpy conical cages or the wire mesh cages we tired to build. These tomato cages are nearly indestructible. And although you can make homemade cages from concrete reinforcing wire they won't look as nice as our nicely painted supports.

Finally, a cage worth buying!
So now here's some comments we're hoping to hear: These cages are the best! Well built tomato cages. The Last Tomato Cages you'll buy. The Best Veggie Support Ever

 Plantapillar great garden supplies