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Commercial grade garden supports for the serious gardener.
Strong tomato cages made from 3/8 inch welded steel rods.
Creative design and custom manufacturing services.

Plantapillar News


Spring it coming! Time to think about protecting your wonderful tomatoes. We have inventory for 2021.


See this 9 News link below for an article on Plantapillar.

Proctor's Garden Tips


Retail Outlets in Nebraska and Colorado.

We have two retail outlets for 2016! Country Greenery (in Nebraska), and Parker County Market (in Colorado). For more information check out our store in our Retail Outlets section.


To all of our Plantapillar customers who have contacted us with questions about our products: We apologize for not getting back to you in a timely manner.
We just recently learned that the paint shop that we have used in the past was not available to paint our product again the year. That left us scrambling to try and find another paint shop that had the capabilities of running our products through their shop and still be affordable.
Long story short - we couldn't find one.

What we did find was a shop that was able to do a Hot Dip Galvanize on our supports and they look great. We have a limited supply of both 4-ring and 5-ring supports available now!

The 4-ring support is $44 + shipping and handling from 80107.
The 5-ring support is $50 + shipping and handling from 80107.

You can see estimated shipping costs by going to UPS or FedEx:
The 4-ring will ship in an 18" x 18" x 47" box at 20 lbs, origin zip code of 80107.
The 5-ring will ship in an 18" x 18" x 56" box at 23 lbs, origin zip code of 80107.

Thanks for your understanding. See the photo below of the 2015 models.

 2015 Galvanized modle


Production of 4 and 5 ring Tomato Supports is underway. Contact us for price information.


Sorry, but all inventory for 2013 is sold out.


Country Greenery, in Cairo, Nebraska, (our Nebraska retail outlet) has received their 2012 shipment of tomato supports. Your find more information under the Retail Outlets tab at the top of the page.


Time to get out in the yard and garden!   We have a limited supply of Plantapillar support on hand. Please contact our friendly sales staff with your questions.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Plantapillar!   Did you know a Plantapillar trellis or an upside down tomato cage makes and excellent base for a home made Christmas tree?   That's one in the Merry Christmas photo on our home page.   For a thin tree just decorate as it is. For a wider tree (see below) just make it fuller at the bottom with some extra wire at the base.
 2010 Forest Green


We are getting ready for spring!   Check out our line of strong garden supports.   Send us an email with any questions.   Sorry but rising steel prices means a minor price increase for the 2011 production line.


Lights! Camera! Action!
Colorado's 9News (Denver NBC) has a nice quick news program about garden tips called   Proctor's Tips   that included Plantapillar garden supports.               Watch Proctor's Tips .


This year's Green (2010) is a little darker that last year. We've gone from a standard green closer to a Forest Green. Take a look below.
 2010 Forest Green


We have been shipping 2010 tomato supports. We shipped two pallets of supports to Alabama. Below are photos of a single 4 ring tomato supports shipped to California. Plantapillar's strong garden supports can be shipped to you. Order yours today!
 Plantapillar shipping boxt

Each of the support's sharpened support rods are protected by shipping caps. FedEx and UPS shipping available.
 Plantapillar shipping boxt


The new, wider 2010 supports are now available. Same prices as 2009!

Country Greenery, in Cairo, Nebraska, (our central Nebraska retail outlet) has 2010 wider cages in green and yellow. Check them out!


The new, wider 2010 supports are being built and will soon head to the painters. Same prices as 2009!

Country Greenery, in Cairo, Nebraska, will once again be our central Nebraska retail outlet.

The new 2010 product line-up includes wider tomato supports and vegetable support and those new specifications are now updated on the site.


Our customers are asking for wider tomato supports. Our engineering department is improving the product line for 2010. Check back for updates.

Discontinued for 2010: The short 6 Ring Vine Trellis Model 6061200T.


We have added new photos and two movies for Thunder Gun Manufacturing's newest product: the 448 Hay Bale Feeder. For more information about our custom manufacturing services and the new Hay Bale Feeder please select 'Custom Manufacturing' tab from the top menu.


Thunder Gun Manufacturing, the maker of the Plantapillar line of garden supports, introduces a new product for 2010. Ranchers please check out our new hay bale feeder under the 'Custom Manufacturing' tab.

Do you have a product you'd like Thunder Gun Manufacturing to build? Please check out our new design and manufacturing services under the 'Custom Manufacturing' tab.


We have a new YouTube information video in the 'About' and 'Quality' section. Product line refinements for 2010.


Country Greenery in Cairo, Nebraska has a limited selection of Plantapillar tomato supports. Country Greenery is 3 miles south & 1 3/4 miles east of Cairo, Nebraska. See our Plantapillar Distributors section on the top menu bar for more details.


In late 2008, due to the excellent response for our products, we expanded our manufacturing operation and the company has relocated to a new building that has over 3000 sqft. We are now located in Elizabeth, Colorado (near Denver).


A limited selection of 2008 supports are still available. Contact us about inventory and delivery options.


We will attend the Topeka's Farmers Market on July 12th, 2008.
 Plantapillar attend the Topeka Farmers Market


We attended the Topeka's Farmers Market on June 21 st. Watch this site for announcements about additional dates.

Our cages are no longer available at the Liberty Gas station in Oskaloosa, KS.


We will have a small collection of supports at the Topeka Farmers Market on June 21 st.


We attended the Topeka's Farmers Market on June 7th. Thanks to all for making it one of our best days. Sorry, but we will not be back to the Farmer's Market on June 14th.

On a trial basis a small selections of our cages are available at the Liberty Gas station in Oskaloosa, Kansas.


We will return to Topeka's Farmers Market on June 7th. Email us in advance and we will try to have your request on the trailer. See you there. Special central Nebraska delivery completed on June 2nd.


Thanks to everyone that stopped by our display at the Topeka Farmers Market. From there we rushed up to Atchison for the big drop off of orders from the Atchison Home and Garden show. It was a busy day. Thanks to everyone for your orders.


Atchison customers: Special delivery to Atchison, Kansas on May 31 st. We plan to be at the small parking lot located near (approximately) 929 Skyway Hwy. It's a small parking area between 9th and 10th on Skyway highway (Near the intersection of 7 and 59). It has a small foot bridge over to the Chamber offices. We'll be there starting around 1 PM.

We'll be at the Topeka's Farmer's Market in the morning and will rush up to Atchison. We will have extra cages on hand for additional orders.


New website section: Customer Reports. We have a new section to show off customers using our supports. Check out 'Customer Reports' on the top selection bar.


We were at Topeka's Farmers Market last Saturday and will return 05/31 with your custom built cages. We'll also have additional supports for purchase. Tell your friends to stop by. We hope to see you there.

 Plantapillar garden supports for sale.

The Plantapillar show room floor. Our traveling store.


Atchison shoppers: your custom built cages are being painted and we'll be returning to Atchison at the end of May.


We are now showing up on MSN search engine. Welcome to all that are finding us via the Microsoft's Live Search.

And and new color! Orange is now available.


Sorry but rising steel prices require us to raise our prices. Prices on all garden supports have been adjusted.

04/ 11-12 /2008:

We were at the Atchison, Kansas Home & Garden Show on April 11th and 12th. This was the 2nd annual Home & Garden Show. It was great to see the excitement over our current product line. We plan to deliver the Atchison orders before the end of May.


We've dropped Black from our Powder coating color selection. We really like the colorfully look of our red, green and yellow. Powder coating is an advanced method of applying a decorative and protective finish.


We've switched our main emails account to GMAIL accounts in the Contacts section.


We have a new name, 'Split Rings', for the old Half Shells. Same simple and strong design. They work well to support flowers and shrubs up against your home, fence or wall. Also we've added product photos to the 'About' section.


03/18/2008: We've added the technical information on Tomato Cage Extenders. See 'Extensions' for nine new models.


We are now showing up on the Yahoo search engine so welcome to everyone finding us from Yahoo. We're still researching shipping option and it looks like some of the smaller cages and supports can be shipped and we'll be adding that to the Order section.


Hello.The Googlebot was here. That means the website is now showing on Google searches and a big welcome to all new visitors. We're new. We're still finishing some aspects of the website. We didn't have much luck with the shipping options for the Plantapillar line. Their shape and size make them somewhat expensive to ship but we are working on distribution and delivery options.


We'll be adding more technical data on the supports on the website. And we are ready for orders. We are still researching the shipping options but we are ready to ship. Also we can delivery in the Lawrence and Topeka, Kansas area.


We've had some interest in a new Plantapillar product: the Bucket Support. Outdoors it can be used to stabilize and support a standard plastic bucket and quickly secure it to the ground. We are finding that it has many uses. It can be used to keep an animal's feed bucket from overturing or to hold a salt and gravel mix near the steps or driveway to the house during a snowy and windy winter. For those that like to feed the deer this bucket holder lifts the bucket and corn out of the snow. In the shop it can support a service bucket at counter top level to reduce bending. The design is also used on the vine trellis to allow slow watering of your vine plants below.

 tall  Bucket Support.  Plantapillar Bucket Supports  Bucket Supports small Bucket Support

Use the bucket support with the wide base (far left above) for maximum stability or cleaner, tapered support (above far right) . Using different length bucket supports you can have the bucket anchored and resting nearly on the ground or have it as high as a counter top within easy reach.


Our inventories are growing and we now have a wide selection of photos of this years garden supports. All the Product galleries now have photos (except Tree Guard which is receiving final design updates). Below is a photo of cages ready of delivery.

 Plantapillar delivery truck

The Plantapillar garden supports in the beginning. Loaded and ready for delivery.

 Plantapillar great garden supplies