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Commercial grade garden supports for the serious gardener.
Strong tomato cages made from 3/8 inch welded steel rods.
Creative design and custom manufacturing services.

Thunder Gun's Custom Manufacturing Services for Scientific applications.

  Plantapillar products are made in the USA

This is a Hydrocarbon Detector Hood that Thunder Gun Manufacturing made for Sunoco Partners Butane Blending LLC to use at one of their butane blending sites.   This hood provides weather protection for the electronic hydrocarbon detector while still allowing free air flow for air sampling and monitoring that insures maximum site safety.

 Scientific Custom Manufacturing from Thunder Gun

This Hydrocarbon Detector Hood is installed in the northeast US where snowfall amounts are greater than 24" per year.   This amount of snowfall can at times affect the functionality of the hydrocarbon detector causing safety concerns.   Our Hydrocarbon Detector Hood solution extends the longevity of electronic devices that are mounted in harsh environments but will not obstruct those devices from sampling open air atmospheric conditions.

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