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Commercial grade garden supports for the serious gardener.
Strong tomato cages made from 3/8 inch welded steel rods.
Creative design and custom manufacturing services.

 Vines growing up a Plantapillar heavy duty vine trellis  Cucumbers growing on a Plantapillar vine trellis
Plantapillar™ Vine Trellis

Try this unique design and save garden space with the Plantapillar™ Vine Trellis. It stands tall so you won't have to pick vegetables off the ground.   This reduces wet rot and insect damage.   Great for most vining plants.

Imagine growing cucumbers in a 3 ft. by 3 ft. square.   Those are cucumbers in the picture on the left.   It's a great garden space saver and quite the garden conversation piece.   It's wide base and six 18 inch anchoring rods make this trellis strong and sturdy against the wind.   Don't be afraid to go high.

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 photo of Plantapillar 7 Ring Vine Trellis.
7 Ring Trellis
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photo of Plantapillar 8 Ring Vine Trellis.
8 Ring Trellis
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 photo of Plantapillar 9 Ring Vine Trellis.
9 Ring Trellis
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