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Commercial grade garden supports for the serious gardener.
Strong tomato cages made from 3/8 inch welded steel rods.
Creative design and custom manufacturing services.
 Plantapillar flower supports with title

Plantapillar™ Flower Supports

Flower Supports are great for those bushy flowers and shrubs.   These shorter and wider supports can handle the wind.   Great in the garden, flower bed and around the yard.   Wonderful on peonies, roses and exceptionally tall flowers, like hollyhocks and delphiniums.

Do you have a large existing bush that needs restrained?   Too bushy to get these cages around?   Consider using two Plantapillar Split Rings to hold your bush.   See our Split Rings for another great Plantapillar support.
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wide Flower Support 6021875
2 Ring 18.75 inch
Pre-order only..
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 wide 36 inches Flower Support 6031875
3 Ring 18.75 inches
Pre-order only.
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 Plantapillar great garden supplies